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Welcome to Casa Dos Palmas.


Join us.

Join us at one of the few remaining beachfront homes in Bucerias, and all of Puerto Vallarta.  As more and more developers buy beachfront property for multi-storey condominiums or resorts, the number of true beachfront homes has shrunken to a handful.

This is one of them.

For those wishing nightlife, and crowded beaches swarming with beach vendors, you’ve come to the wrong place.

For those looking for a fully modern, self-contained home directly on a sandy beach; for those looking for privacy and seclusion, but also access to restaurants and bars; for those looking for the real Mexico – its wonderful people, its simple charms, its lack of McDonalds and Hooters and Chili’s restaurants – you have all come to the right place.

This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 storey Canadian-owned villa is located in Bucerias, Mexico, approximately 20 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta.  Often described as “what Puerto Vallarta was 40 years ago”, Bucerias has an excellent reputation among travellers. Moon Handbooks (Puerto Vallarta) confirms that, “Bucerias features the longest creamiest beach on the Bay of Banderas”, a point confirmed in Fodor’s (Puerto Vallarta) 2008 Guide:  “The beach here is endless.”