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Things to Watch for when Renting a Beach House

Casa dos Palmas is located directly on the beach.  12 shallow steps separate the pool and deck from the sandy beach.  There is nothing in front of the property except for three palapas for you to use, and sand, sand and more sand. You can switch between pool and beach in 10 seconds.  And then back again.
If you are new to searching for beachfront properties, be extremely careful about some of the descriptors used by property owners who wish they had a beach house, but don't.
Easily the most common descriptive expression is “beach access”.  Most beaches in the world are public property – they all have beach access, in one form or another.  But what may not be explained is that you have to cross a highway to get access to that beach, or walk 10 minutes through town, lugging your stuff.
Other such deceptive expressions are:
  • “Beach view”
  • “Ocean access”
  • “Ocean front”
  • “Close to beach”
Also, many property descriptions won’t say anything at all – they’ll simply have a picture of the ocean through a window, say.  But how far away is the ocean?  And is there a beach?  With sand?  And is the water swimmable?
Casa dos Palmas has a nearly secluded beach in front of it, with soft sand and ideal swimming for kids and adults alike.  The water is typically very calm, and the waves quite small.
Be sure to ask these questions if you are seeking the true beachhouse experience.