1. Can I use my credit card or PayPal to pay for my rental of Casa dos Palmas?
  2. What is the weather like in Bucerias?
  3. Do I need a car?
  4. If I have a car, is there parking for it?
  5. How far away is Bucerias?
  6. How far away is Puerto Vallarta?
  7. What’s the bus system like?
  8. How is the beach for swimming?
  9. Is the casa stocked for cooking?
  10. Sorry, I don’t feel like cooking.  Help.
  11. Is the casa totally private?
  12. What if I want to go on a tour?  Or need some advice about the area or restaurants?
  13. OMG – I’ve lost my passport!
  14. Is there shopping in Bucerias?
  15. What if I have problems with something in the casa?
  16. TV?  DVDs?
  17. Can I drink the water in the casa?
  18. Do I need any special vacinations when travelling to Mexico?
Yes! We accept major credit cards, or you can transfer money from your PayPal account. Under the “Rates” tab of this website, you will see the PayPal button at the bottom. Choose the amount of your deposit or payment, and you will be taken directly to PayPal’s website. And you don’t have to have a PayPal account – you can simply enter your credit card information securely on their website, and you will instantly be provided, by email, with a receipt and confirmation number from PayPal, confirming your payment to Casa dos Palmas.
It helps to know that Bucerias is on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands.   The temperatures and humidity are very constant through the year, reaching 30-32 C (86-90 degrees F) during the summer, and 26-28 degrees C (79-82 degrees F) during winter months.   While the rainy season is June to September (with September being the rainiest), the rain normally falls in short bursts, most often at night, with most days remaining hot and dry.
It is crucial to note that while Bucerias can be hot and humid (that’s why we love it!), the casa enjoys continuous cooling and relaxing ocean breezes.  While you might be quite hot when in town or sheltered from the ocean breeze, you will find the perfect mix of heat and breeze while sitting at the casa.
Renting a car is not necessary in Bucerias.  The town is about a 15 minute walk along the beach, and the local buses can also be used.  The casa also has two bikes for guest use.
However, if you wish to do any exploring of the neighbouring locales (Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, San Pancho, etc.), a vehicle will be necessary.
Yes.  Casa dos Palmas has a private secure garage with remote door opener for our guests who own or rent a vehicle.
The Casa is located about 1 kilometre (.6 mile) from the Bucerias town centre.  Driving takes 3 minutes.  Walking along the beach takes 15-20 minutes.
However, there are plenty of “mini-supers” (small, well-stocked convenience stores) close by, and a trip into Bucerias is not necessary.
Depending on traffic flows (which can be heavy on weekends), Puerto Vallarta is approximately a 20-25 minute drive from Bucerias.  Of course, if one takes the bus, it is considerably longer – closer to an hour.
The buses in Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta are quite regular, and very inexpensive (about 50 cents per trip).  However, they are smaller than the large public transit buses one is used to, so that makes them sometimes crowded.
One of the best features of the beach is that there is virtually pure sand, with few if any rocks to be found.  Upon entering the water, the depth recedes very gradually.  Twenty yards out and the water is only chest high in depth.  There is nothing but velvet sand underfoot.  A lapping type surf is to be found, which results in NO undertow.

There is literally miles of beach unimpeded by any rock outcroppings or jetties to stroll and explore.
There are many other beachfront properties advertised in the Puerto Vallarta area.  However, the beach at many of these properties can be just a small ribbon of sand followed by an area of rock – yards wide – both above the surface of the water and BELOW the surface. Not suitable for comfortable swimming. 
Yes.  As owners, we enjoy cooking, and have paid special attention to making sure our kitchen is well-stocked with every conceivable cooking gadget.  There is a side-by-side fridge in the casa, dishwasher, as well as a microwave and gas range/oven, and of course a coffee maker & toaster.
In addition, we try to keep basic dry goods stocked as well – coffee, sugar, salt, spices, etc
No problem.  We have recently started a new service, with great success, where our concierge Baldo will arrange to have someone come in and cook the meal of your choice – AND THEN DO THE DISHES!  Baldo can provide a menu of different meals to be prepared, and especially popular are the authentic Mexican dishes.  You can either buy the ingredients yourself, so you can choose the precise items, or Baldo will arrange to have that done.  What’s even better is that for those who want to catch their supper, Baldo will arrange a short fishing trip.
The casa is on a property with two other detached, self-contained units.  Casa Dos Palmas, however, sits at the front of these three properties, closest to the beach.  What is more, our casa has a private seating area just outside the front doors, that is for the exclusive use of our guests. 
Our concierge, Baldo, was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, and currently lives in La Cruz (the town just up the beach from Bucerias).  He speaks excellent English, and knows this town cold.  He will steer you in the right direction if you need some help – either just some advice, or to get you connected with a particular tour.
Baldo will happily provide you the best Mexican – or gringo – restaurant recommendations.
Baldo is a wealth of information and contacts.  Give him a call.
There is lots of shopping in Bucerias.  There are a large number of small shops, many mini-supers, and a public market selling traditional Mexican goods.  However, you will not find “name brand” stores in Bucerias – this is a small Mexican town, after all.
For those looking for the larger stores, there is a Wal-Mart in Mezcales, the town between Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta. 
For those looking for “high end” shopping, Puerto Vallarta (especially the stores along the malecon) offers it all. 
To begin, our property is kept in extremely good condition, and is well and frequently maintained. However, we do understand that things sometimes do go wrong.
Happily, our property manager Baldo Hernandez knows the property well, and is a phone call or email away.  He lives in La Cruz, just a few minutes up the beach from the casa, and will ensure that any problems are sorted out immediately.
Our casa boasts a 46” LCD HDTV, for those looking to “get away from it all”.  We subscribe to SKY satellite service. 
There is also a DVD player in the casa, as well as a large and varied selection of DVDs.  Bring your own if you like – this is a Region 1 player, so will play (but play only) North American DVD’s.  
The water from the tap in the casa is filtered, but not purified.  For the peace of mind of our guests, however, we have bottled water provided. 
Everyone should consult their own physician regarding individual vaccination requirements.  However, in general, vaccinations against Hepatitis A are the ones most commonly recommended.  For more information, see the information provided by the US Centers for Disease Control at http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/mexico.aspx, or by the Canadian Public Health Agency at http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/tmp-pmv/well-way_bon-depart-eng.php.